Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hello guys...I am Ashutosh Kulkarni. I have made an attempt to establish a chronology of the ancient indian kings. The names of the kings have been perfected from various Purans, Rigveda,Mahabharata, Valmiki Ramayana,etc. Certain synchronicity is established between certain kings and rishis which has been used to fix their position. In all this process, the names of the Solar dynasty of Ayodhya are near perfect and hence are used as a reference. 
In the ancient times, the names of the kings, their kingdoms,their legends were carefully stored, taught and passed orally through generations. This information first found place in literature through the Purans and Itihasa. Although the puranic source is quite corrupted but it is the best we have. The problem arises when the Purans miss the names of certain kings in the middle. This is a very common occurring in the Purans. Hence in the list, certain question marks '?' have been put to signify blank gaps where kings might have existed. In my next post, I will describe all the synchronisms about certain kings and rishis due to which their position gets fixed.

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